Teenager Consultation “Just for You”

Growing up is not easy sometimes, and becoming a woman is also not easy. Many girls have questions about a variety of topics relating to the female body, menstruation, sexuality and contraception. Sometimes they just worry because they have symptoms or sensations that are new and make them feel unsure.

We would like to help you in your transformation from a girl into a woman. We want to take away the fear of your first visit to the gynecologist. That is why we offer you our teenager consultation.

You are more than welcome to bring your parents, a friend or your best friend, if it makes you feel more comfortable. Here you can talk in confidentiality about everything from being a woman to becoming one. You may have an examination if you wish. We look forward to your visit, and the questions you may have.

Many changes of the cervix are caused by the human papilloma virus. With a HPV-test it can bi determined if the virus is already present. Vaccination against cervical cancer “Gardasil” is covered by health insurance for all girls aged 12 to 17.